DELPHI: Variables

A variable is a place keeper used to store values in.

Data types used with variables:

Data type Description Abbreviation
and example
String values that are text (i.e. numbers and letters) s (sName)
Integer whole numbers (i.e. no fractions) i (iNumber)
Real whole and fractions (i.e. numbers with digits after the decimal point) r (rAmount)
Char any single character (i.e. text, symbol or number) c (cInitial)
Boolean true or false values b (bValid)

Variable declaration:

  • Variables are declared after the abbreviation “var”
  • Variables can be declared globally: They are declared under the var above implementation at the top of the programming code. These variables are valid throughout the program.
  • Variables can also be declared locally: These variables are declared inside the event handler (the procedure you create yourself by double clicking on a button in design mode for example). You must type in the var as well as the variables themselves. These variables are only valid within this specific event handler or procedure.
  • For example:

procedure TForm1.btnEnterNumClick(Sender: TObject); 
  iCount : Integer; 


  • Similar variables can be listed after each other separated by a comma:

  sName, sSurname : String;
  iAge, iNum1, iNum2 : Integer;
  rAmount : Real;

Rules for variable (and component) names in Delphi:

  • Name can be any length but Delphi uses only first 255 characters.
  • First character must be letter or underscore not a number.
  • You cannot use any special characters such as a question mark (?), but you can use an underscore (_).
  • No spaces area allowed in the name of a variable.
  • Reserved words (such as begin, end, if, program) cannot be used as variables.
  • Delphi is case insensitive – it does not matter whether capital letters are used or not. Just make sure the way variables or components are used is consistent throughout the program.

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