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Using and naming basic components

Component Properties

The properties of a component can be changed by typing the component name, followed by a full stop and the property to be changed and the assignment operator := and the new value:

component.property := value;

For example:
form1.caption := 'New Program';


Methods are prewritten programming instructions associated with a particular component:


For example: edit1.clear;


Components are automatically named, yet usually they are renamed using an abbreviation indicating the type of component, followed with a descriptive name. The abbreviations typically used are:

Form (frm)
Shape (shp)
Button (btn)
Panel (pnl)
Label (lbl)
Edit (edt)
RichEdit (red)
Image (img)
Groupbox (gbx)
Bitmap button (bmb)
Memo (mem)
Radiogroup (rgp)
Radiobutton (rad)
Timer (tmr)
Checkbox (cbx)
MaskEdit (med)
SpinEdit (sed)
Progress Bar (prb)
PageControl (pgc)
StatusBar (stb)
ListBox (lst)

Properties and methods for some of the basic components:

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