TeachITza - resource website for IT educators and learners in South Africa. The focus of this website is on general resources and programming as done using Borland Delphi. Any comments or suggestions on improving the site are more than welcome.


Delphi resources:
- Delphi basics
- Variables
- Constants
- RichEdit
- Using numbers
- Selection (IF and CASE)
- Repetition (FOR, WHILE and REPEAT)
- String manipulation
- Arrays
- Encryption examples
- 2D  arrays and StringGrids
- Text files
- Databases
- Delphi Database 'HOW TO...'
- Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Welcome to the TeachITza website. Use the hyperlinks to the left to access the different resources. For teachers see the 'Educator resources' section for mirror copies of the latest policy documents and documentation as provided by the Department of Education as well as the latest sample or previous exam papers.

Specific learning content can be found under learner resources - this is divided into specific topics.


Grade 12 IT Cram notes



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